Sophia Asley 4 Line Brow Definer Marker

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1. Precise application: The marker’s fine-tip applicator allows for precise and natural-looking eyebrow strokes.

2. Versatile design: The marker features four distinct lines for customized thickness and intensity.

3. Long-lasting formula: The eyebrow definer marker is smudge-proof and water-resistant for all-day wear.

4. Various shade options: Available in different shades to suit a range of hair colors and skin tones.

5. Convenient and easy to use: The marker provides a convenient and effortless way to achieve beautifully defined eyebrows.

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The Sophia Asley 4-Line Eyebrow Definer Marker is a versatile and convenient tool for creating perfectly defined and shaped eyebrows. This eyebrow marker, part of the popular Sophia Asley makeup line, has gained recognition for its precision and ease of use.


The 4-Line Eyebrow Definer Marker features a unique design with four distinct lines that mimic the look of individual brow hairs. This allows for precise and natural-looking application, helping you achieve beautifully defined eyebrows with ease.


The marker’s fine-tip applicator provides excellent control, allowing you to create both thin and precise lines for a more subtle look or bolder strokes for a more dramatic effect. The four lines provide versatility, enabling you to customize the thickness and intensity of your eyebrow strokes according to your preference.


The long-lasting formula of the Sophia Asley 4-Line Eyebrow Definer Marker ensures that your defined eyebrows stay in place throughout the day. It is smudge-proof and water-resistant, offering a reliable solution for long-lasting wear.


The marker is available in various shades to suit different hair colors and skin tones, ensuring that you can find the perfect match for your eyebrows. Whether you have light or dark hair, the Sophia Asley 4-Line Eyebrow Definer Marker provides options for achieving natural and well-defined eyebrows that complement your overall look.


Overall, the Sophia Asley 4-Line Eyebrow Definer Marker is an excellent tool for effortlessly creating beautifully defined eyebrows. With its unique design, precision applicator, long-lasting formula, and shade options, this eyebrow marker provides the means to achieve stunning eyebrows that enhance your facial features and complete your makeup look.


Brown, Dark Brown, Light Brown


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